Friday, February 7, 2014

What will you do?

We have a few main platforms that Courtney and I will be involved with while in Indo.
  1.            We take Bible stories and animate them.  These animations could then be used online, in Sunday Schools, Christian Schools and/or in family devotions. Many stories have been animated before, but almost all are locked down with copyrights, and very few publishers have a view beyond the English speaking world. These animations would be done initially in English, Indonesian, Mandarin and Mongolian with a plan for more languages to follow.
  2.            We are in the midst of developing an app that will house these animations, as well as games and learning tools for studying the Bible. The focus is getting these apps translated into as many languages as possible.
  3.            Synthesize and animate the life calling of Christians in a way that makes the ideas more easily understandable.
  4.             Create evangelism tools to help people share the Gospel, in a more contextual way, with people from other cultures.

These projects are strategic in their content and audience. The languages we are working with first cover most of the population of the world.

“Life inside the Circle.”

Inside the circle there are more people than in the rest of the world. Add to that fact that there exists one of the largest populations of kids 4-14 years old. ADD TO THAT fact there exist more users of Facebook (really any social media) in that area than anywhere else. Did you know that Indonesia is the 3rd largest user of Facebook in the world?

Sometimes it’s easier to see than to imagine…
 I love info graphics…

Some links to our websites.

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